Unique  Wedding Dresses of 2019

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The last year was a whirlwind of creativity for wedding dress designers. A lot of the designs we saw locally and internationally made the news because of their extreme designs. While unique, they still embodied the essence of a blooming and glowing bride.

Here are some of our favorite designs because they are extremely gorgeous and yet still out of the norm:

  1. Hailey Bieber’s Virgil Abloh Dress

Hailey Bieber wore a lovely strapless beaded dress on her wedding to Justin Bieber last September. However, what really caught our attention was the embroidered words on her train: Till Death Do Us Part. It looks like a typical Generation Z choice. It’s unique. It’s new. And it definitely shows the personality of the dress owner in a good way.

  1. Danielle Frankel’s Brida Collection II

While others are continuing the trend of the white wedding dress, Danielle Frankel has chosen a different route, saying the word bridal does not have to be a curse. One of her most interesting pieces is the wedding suit dress. She also utilizes other pieces like wedding jewelry, gloves, belts, shirts, and more to her designs making her dresses extremely out of the norm, but still quite beautiful.

  1. Rosemary Masic’s Nevenka

This line of bridal dresses is named after the designer’s mother. The theme is so far away from conventional wedding dresses that it touches on a completely new audience of brides. That’s a good thing because not everyone wants to wear a traditional wedding dress. Nevenka is more focused on “cool girl boho” vibes for brides.

  1. One Day Wedding Dresses

The unique aspect of this Australian brand is that it keeps in touch with the traditional bridal theme, but completely turns it around by focusing on silhouettes and sexy shapes. Simply put, One Day is working with a bridal by day party by night theme. The dresses are appropriate for wedding ceremonies, but they are also designed to push the boundaries of bridal concepts by allowing the dresses to be used for other events.

  1. Paolo Sebastian Swan Lake Dress

One dress dubbed by the internet as Swan Lake took the internet by storm. It was designed by Paolo Sebastian, with artistic embellishments and ethereal concepts. Many see it as something an angel would wear, which is something that any bride would consider as a look on their wedding day. The key to Sebastian’s designs are the intricate embroidery and unconventional fabrics used on the dresses.

Unique wedding dresses are made every day, but you can request something that is specially made for you. This will require your time and attention. If that is something you would enjoy doing, we suggest you talk to your designer and collaborate on the ideal wedding dress design for your big day.


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