Finding Sentimental Value in What You Wear

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My aunt’s engagement ring glistened in the sun on that long drive back from dropping my cousin off at college, so I asked her about it. She gave me a long story about how my uncle brought it back from overseas when he was doing a tour with the army. She said he proposed with the ring when she found out she was pregnant with my cousin, but he had planned to ask her to marry him already. That ring has stayed in my family, since she put it in her will to go to me before she passed away. I’ve never thought about parting with that fine piece of jewelry, but I’ve certainly sold some less sentimental items to help pay the bills in the past. 

I went through phases in high school as most teenagers do. I liked to wear gold chains around my neck. For every birthday that is what I would ask my relatives for, and sometimes I got what I asked for. When I grew up, I let that phase of wearing gold jewelry become part of my past. But I wasn’t upset to find out that my old style was worth a pretty penny. I took some of those gold chains to the shop where I was able to pawn jewelry hollywood fl. They weren’t doing me any good sitting in my dresser at home, and I really needed the money at the time. 

Pawn shops are a great place to find jewelry if you’re a collector. While I was there selling away my old necklaces I found some exquisite items that I considered picking up. Sometimes a pawn shop will give you a special discount on anything you purchase from them when you go to sell an item to the shop. That could mean you’ll walk away with a new diamond pendant for less than what you’ll pay at a regular jewelry store. Or if you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, pawn shops are a great place to find anything from jet skis to motorcycles. 

The engagement ring is worth more than anything anyone could ever pay me for it. I’ve had the ring appraised, and it turns out it’s actually worth plenty more than what my uncle must have paid for it when he purchased it, before he proposed to my aunt. Surely I’ll hold onto the memory of their love a lot longer than the ring will last, but it’s still nice to have the lovely piece of jewelry to pass down to my children when they get older. 

My children are too young to give them expensive jewelry just yet. My daughter had her ears pierced for her birthday last May, and she’s successfully lost the first dozen pairs of earrings I bought her already. I bought her some sterling silver earrings with her birthstone in them, too, so you can imagine how cautious I am about gifting her an item such as my aunt’s engagement ring.


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