How to buy a wedding invitation card?

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Never forget, “Your wedding invitation card is the first look and feel of your wedding that your guests will get”.

You are planning your wedding, you want it to be perfect and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to make it happen in a memorable way. In the list of To-Do’s , there are the dresses, the jewellery, the catering, the guest list, the functions, the venue, the décor and all other song and dance.

Finally, the big day is around the corner, everything seems to be on track but guess what, the wedding invites are not yet decided, that’s when the panic sets in and the search begins. You either ask your family and friends or get onto Google and start searching.

There are the local card shops, there are the invitation designers and nowadays there are websites selling invitation cards. Although a lot of money gets spent on everything else, somehow the invitations get the least budget and planning despite being as important as anything else.

Some of you may be lucky to have a family member or a friend who is comfortable designing an invitation for you which you could get printed. This saves both time and money for you and you may actually get what you have really wanted. But in case this is not a practical option then let us see what else can be done.

Shops selling cards have been a popular source. However, the shops maybe far away to be convenient or the choices they offer maybe many but their designs are usually mass market and the prices may not be as low as what you were told. But don’t give up so easily. Ask any willing family member or a friend, preferably with some experience to help you navigate the haystack and find your needle. Finding a card closest to your taste and price may become a bit taxing but with a bit of patience it can be done.

Another choice is going to invitation designers. Every city usually has some popular designers doing the wedding cards and if you can’t find any around you there are enough on the internet with whom you can engage with online. The general impression about designers is that they are expensive. This is far from the truth. Yes, there are some very well-known designers who command a premium but for every such designer there are probably many more hidden talents who are not only very good but also usually quite affordable.

A suggestion in both cases is that first see what standard offerings and designs are available in your budget. Usually, the general vibe of the available designs will give you an idea whether the shop or the designer will be suitable for you even if you want to customise. Any customisation costs money and more importantly it takes a lot of time. You may afford the money but can you afford the time.


Finally there are the online sellers. In the recent years, card designers have started selling through their websites. Whether you are buying face to face or through the website, the advice given above holds good in all cases. If you like the vibe then you will find what you want otherwise simply move on to the next website.

An important suggestion is to look for Indian wedding card websites which offer “transparent pricing”, the facility to order samples home, and an easy ordering experience. Otherwise you may initially be attracted by a low price but will find that there are so many hidden charges pushing up the prices which you will discover when you are checking out. Plus, Online Indian wedding cards involve a lot of details. Of course you may not order in such cases but the pain of wasting time should be avoided.

No matter what route you take, please do not delay in ordering the invitation. Even if the designs are readily available, placing the invitation text takes time and so does the printing. The recommended rule is that once you decide the venues, the functions and the guest list, don’t delay and first begin the process of ordering your invitations.

Never forget, “Your wedding invitation card is the first look and feel of your wedding that your guests will get”.

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