Entertainment Options For The Hot Tub

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Hot tub parties were very popular several decades ago near the end of the last century. Since then though, the popularity of hot tubs has dropped off. This has been for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons were the defects found in the hot tubs constructed almost a quarter of a century ago. Other reasons were the poor upkeep that owners performed on their hot tubs. Now that hot tubs have improved with newer technology and have become easier to clean, they have become more popular once again. With the increasing popularity, the question has become how to incorporate a hot tub portland or residents can entertain with into their parties. 

Escape The Cold Weather 

Many people only think of hot weather when they think of hot tubs. They see themselves relaxing by the pool while on vacation. These locations are usually warm weather locations. Areas such as Portland, Oregon can be very popular for winter hot tub parties as well. This is partly due to the improved locations for hot tubs. Many people that host hot tub parties have their hot tub outdoors, but within a couple steps of a heated and enclosed porch. This allows your guests to warm up quickly. Serve a few adult beverages and it becomes an option for small groups at your next house party. 

Games To Play In The Hot Tub 

Card games are becoming popular once again with adults at parties. These aren’t your typical card games. The cards used in these games are created to be used in damp locations and are heavily laminated and made of high quality stock to make them waterproof. Some are even made of plastic. Some of these games involve choosing the best card that matches a topic or question. Other card games present a question or an activity and then everyone votes about who in the hot tub is the most likely to do that activity. These games are conversation starters instead of competitive activities. 

Safety Precautions For Your Hot Tub Party 

While having a few adult beverages is common at a hot tub party, over-intoxication should be watched for closely. The high temperatures can contribute to the additional dehydration in combination with consuming alcohol, presenting a health risk. The manufacturer’s guidelines for the hot tub should be followed, therefore as the host you should not find yourself to be too heavily intoxicated at your own hot tub party. The comfort of all should be encouraged, with the wearing of swimsuits required unless a change to that rule is agreed to by all. It’s a party, and your guests should not feel uncomfortable due to the actions of a few at the party. 

Hot tub parties are about socializing and having fun. Your guests should respect your requests as the host. If you find some are getting unruly, it is important to ask them to leave. Someone that is not following the rules mixed with adult beverages can ruin it for everyone attending.


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