Which Nose Ring Is Best For You?

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Looking for a nose ring that best suits you? If so, this article was written just for you. Nose rings or nose pins have been around for centuries because of the cultural piercings many nations get and have gotten. For some it’s a sign of beauty and for others either part of their culture or a sign of rebellion. Regardless, once you have decided or have gotten your nose piercing, you will eventually need to choose a nose ring for yourself. 

Nose piercings were first introduced by Indians from India and the Middle East. There are actually a variety of piercings you can get on your nose from nostril to bridge to septum piercing, but the most common of all is the skin or cartilage on the side of the nostril. Now, the nose ring is a type of jewelry and adornment. It can be made of metals, such as, titanium, and other materials like gold, plastic, glass, and organics. The safest and most recommended nose rings are titanium, surgical stainless steel, and gold. 

There is a variation of different gems and jewels placed and attached to the metal part of the nose ring. Most famously are diamond nosepins, which make them look super stylish and sexy. Not only can nose rings have gems and jewels in them, but they also have different diamond cuts. There is the round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, and so many more. These diamond cuts are important to mention because they determine the way they will look on your nose. Each one has a distinct look to them because of their size, shape, and how much space they take on your nose. 

The last thing you should consider when choosing a nose ring is the type of screw it may be. Ones that are available are with hooks, regular screw, bar, L-shaped, and even hoops. Try not to choose before you try each of your selections first. You must determine which one you would like, but also what is easy to attach and detach as well as easy to clean. We put makeup on, may have a runny nose, or just have a new piercing, which is like a fresh wound, so you must take care of it. We musn’t forget that you need to have good hygiene with your nose piercing and the piercing itself, especially when you have a fresh piercing because it can get infected. 

Here’s a fun fact; what looks like a nose pin or nose ring may also be used in different area. What do I mean? Well, lets say you have a lip piercing or face piercing, many of these nose piercings can also be used and attached to other places that have been pierced on the face. How convenient is that? But, do not forget good hygiene. Now that you have learned more about nose rings, I hope the information in this article assists you in finding the right one for yourself. Happy shopping!



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