Usefulness Of Swag Promotional Bags For The Corporate Event

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Swag bags filled with promo products are a trending giveaway for the corporate event. Receiving promo products from these bags has been reported creating positive impressions about companies on people. Receiving such durable and branded products helps people remember the brand.

It also helps in improving the visibility and exposure of the brand. In this article, we will tell you more about what makes swag bags a great choice for your promotional event.

  • “Persistent marketing”

Promotional products have to be built to last. A swag bag is durable and long-lasting. It spreads the message of the brand for the time the bags are used. In this way, the bags help in subtle and persistent reminders of the existence of the business.

CustomEarthPromos is a leading eco-friendly place that provides wholesale reusable bags. These bags serve as a great promo tool for the business.

People Like Receiving Free Stuff

Everyone likes to receive freebies. A swag bag consists of free promo products that interest people. According to a report, 25% of people like to accumulate promo products that they receive as a freebie.

  • “Reciprocity Effect”

This is another important benefit of using gifting promotional products to address attendees of the event. Receiving these gifts leads to a feeling of reciprocation. It makes them feel obliged.

This, in turn, initiates a feeling to return the favor. This “reciprocity effect” manifests in the form of improved response rates, referrals, and repeated business. In this way, it accomplishes the objective of the business.

  • Memorability

This is another important feature of a promo product. Due to their durability, they last for a longer time. As people keep them for a longer-term, your business remains on the minds of the consumers for even years, to come.

Tips To Design A Promo Products For Your Swag Bag

Here are some tips to create an appealing t-shirt for business promotion.

  • T-shirts

Choose a nice compelling design. Use the right logo size, formatting, and design, with captivating visuals. The design should result in a sensory response. Pay attention to the fabric material and fit. Stretchy cotton t-shirt gives an athletic-fit to the users. The fabric should be soft and comfortable to attract people.

  • Stickers:

Stickers are a way of emotional expression. Techies love them. Jigsaw puzzles of stickers for laptops, journals, and water bottles are a good promo product.  Take the assistance of design professionals to design the perfect sticker.

  • Healthy And Tasty Snacks:

Looking at the time and energy that your attendees spend at the event, healthy snacks can interest them. The tasty and healthy snacks that you display at the booth will lure them. Find a nutritious snack basket snack to help them reenergize their body.


Swag bags are a fabulous gift to the attendees of the business event. Gifting meaningful promotional products in a swag bag helps express the selling message of the business effectively. As this unique and statistical strategy promotes goodwill of the business, it makes a wonderful technique for your event promotion.


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