How to select the perfect dress for your body shape?

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Starving for the sake of attaining a thinner frame or putting on weight just to get a curvier body might not sound right all the time. When you think you aren’t perfectly shaped, the thought of a diet plan for the sake of fitting into an outfit (the one that your favourite celebrity wore at an event) keeps on bothering you.

But truth be said, your size confidence is the all-new fashion-forward today. And, whatever body structure you have, remember that there’s always that perfect dress for you. So, let’s begin this post explaining how you can get stylish dresses online as per your body shape. Let’s get started without wasting further time!

1) Identifying Your Body Shape

The first step to choosing the right outfit for you is by determining your body shape. Different women have different body shapes, and the choice of clothes entirely depend on their respective body structures. Let’s find out which dresses are perfect for different body shapes from below.

2) Selecting the Right Dress for the Body Shape

Apple-shaped body: Wear something that draws attention away from your waist and midsection. It would be better to avoid bulky one-pieces, clingy silhouettes, and double-layered upper-outfit. When you think of wearing an outfit for this body shape, make sure to couple it with a belt around the area beneath your bust instead of wrapping it around your waist. Make your selection among these choices:

  • Tunics
  • A-line dress
  • Wrap dress; and more

Pear-shaped body: If you have a pear-shaped body, it is necessary to highlight the portion of your shoulder. It will balance the overall shape and make you look more appealing. Colourful necklaces, scarves, and pashminas can be chosen to complement your dress. Pencil Dresses are better to avoid. Dark colours and solid colours are the hacks for someone having a pear-shaped body. Mainly, you can focus on wearing these:

  • X-line dress
  • A-line dress
  • Boat-neck, square-neck, and cowl-neck dresses

Rectangle body: For such a body shape, here’s a plus point. You can anytime create your own fusion style without making any of your body structure look vulgar. You already have the minimum curves, so it is better to enhance it! Address your shoulder-line and bust-line with pleated and ruffled designs. Define your waist so that it provides a prominent and appealing look.

  • Puffed sleeve outfits
  • Sweetheart dress
  • One-piece with detailed collar
  • Scoop-neck dress; and more

Hourglass shape: To highlight the feature of your body shape, it is fundamental to choose the dress that draws attention to your waist. It’s better to avoid buying baggy outfits. Hourglass-shaped women having larger busts should ensure avoiding padded or unstructured bras. You can opt for a dress having any of these styles:

  • V-neck dress
  • Jacket dress; and more

Remember, there’s always a dress for your curve. And, by identifying your body shape and determining the type of dress, you are going to find that perfectly-shaped outfit that not only complements your body but also define your features.


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