Why is there all the rage about black mini sclera lenses?

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With rapid advancements in research and technology, our lives have become easier and more importantly, access to latest technology has become easier too.

This holds true for contact lenses as well, especially costume contact lenses.

To purchase costume lenses, unlike previous times, you have a lot to choose from and most importantly, the use of these lenses isn’t just limited to Halloween parties anymore. With a wide variety of lenses to choose from, it is easy to get confused. However, if you are the one who loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends, then black mini sclera 17mm contact lenses are all that you need.

Let us take a brief look at what mini sclera lenses are and why black mini sclera lenses have become so popular.

Mini Sclera Lenses

As the name indicates, these lenses have been designed to cover the scleral portion of the eye. These lenses were initially invented to treat keratoconus, an eye condition in which there are corneal irregularities. These lenses are also being used to treat dry eyes as they not only cover the sclera but create a vault over the cornea to lock in moisture. Scleral lenses are typically larger in diameter and range in size from 14.5mm to 24mm.

Mini sclera lenses have a diameter of 18mm or less which is slightly more than the corneal diameter, ensuring that they not only cover the cornea but end up covering a significant portion of the sclera too. Though, these lenses come in a variety of colors, black has always been the most popular color and here we take a look as to why that is so!

Black Mini Scleral Lenses Give a Stunning Look!

Needless to say, black is one color that suits just about everyone and this holds true for black contact lenses as well. No matter what your skin tone is, you can easily pull off these particular colored lenses.

Black is the color of mystery, sophistication and power. If you want to give yourself a stunning and authoritative look, then black mini scleral lenses should be in your armor. As mentioned before, these lenses cover a part of your sclera too, so they end up giving a more defined and outstanding look to your eyes.

These are Perfect for Halloween and Costume Parties

Mini scleral lenses are all the rage when it comes to getting ready for a Halloween party. That said, going over-the-top when getting dressed up is not just limited to Halloween anymore. It can be a work-related costume party or even a thematic party!

All you need to make an ever-lasting impression is to put on your black mini scleral lenses, throw on your costume and do your makeup accordingly. From an alien get-up to a sweet anime doll to the scary zombie look, you can easily pull off these looks as long as you have these lenses. Make sure you apply your makeup perfectly to compliment these amazing lenses.

Give Yourself a Doll-Like Look

Eyes are the window to one’s soul. They are the most striking feature on a face and what better way to enhance this than to use black mini scleral lenses! The black color of these lenses itself gives a very striking impression but it is the size of the lens that does the trick.

Black mini sclera lenses 17mm are the perfect size to not only give a deep and stunning effect to your eyes, but the size of these lenses is perfect enough to give a doll-like effect to your eyes as well, without overdoing it. How cool is that!

Black Mini Sclera Lenses Are Comfortable to Use

If you are toying with the idea of using black mini sclera lenses for the first time, do not hesitate. Besides giving a cutting edge to your overall persona, these lenses are extremely comfortable to wear.

Since these lenses rest on the sclera, they don’t irritate the cornea and you can wear them for longer periods of time. That said, be sure to take them out before going to bed.

Black Mini Sclera Lenses Are Perfect for When You Are Craving a Change!

It is only natural that we all crave for a change in our appearance every now and then. While a haircut dramatically changes your appearance, it is somewhat permanent till it grows back. If you are craving for an amazing, yet temporary, change in your appearance then black mini sclera lenses are exactly what you need.

They are not only easy and amazing to use but they will be a conversation starter as well besides making an ever-lasting impression on everyone in the room!

Make a Long-lasting Impression and Amp Up Your Appearance by Using Black Mini Sclera Lenses!




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