Things To Consider Before Buying Made-to-Order Wristbands

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Ah, who doesn’t love wristbands? They are cheap to make, fashionable, and can even raise awareness to certain problems and look great with certain outfits. When it comes to designing custom wristbands, you need to determine the type of material you’ll use, how fast you need the wristband, and what are the purpose for needing the type of material. Here is a list of things to consider before choosing a wristband type. 

1. How Soon Do You Need The Products? 

Are you in a hurry to purchase orders? Then it is best to buy cloth wristbands. If you want to have wristbands on the same day, you should order full color Tyvek wristbands from your local print shop. This can cost you a pretty penny because businesses often charge more for faster delivery so make sure next time you have things planned out sooner. here’s a good website to use when you are in a hurry. 

2. What’s Your Price Range? 

Cloth wristbands are one of the most expensive options, prices normally range from two cents to 30 cents per band for the lowest priced wristbands. Even though wristbands are insanely cheap, the prices can add up, especially if you need millions of wristbands. For full color customer wristbands, it is good to use cloth and Tyvek. 

3. What Kind Of Comfort Do You Want? 

If how the product feels is your main concern, it is recommended to have printed cloth or woven wristbands for events that lasts for several days. Cloth wristbands can be worn comfortably for several days. You could use Tyvek wristbands but they can have sharp edges and start to look old and used up after a while. Vinyl wristbands are soft and more durable alternative to wristbands made out of plastic and is one of the best wristbands for comfort other than cloth. In my opinion, cloth is the best option. 

4. Customization. 

Did you know that woven cloth wristbands can have PMS colors matched up with 8 different colors per thread? Well, it is totally true! Printed colored wristband have full color with shading. Another alternative solution for full color wristbands is typically a Tyvek wristband printed via an ink process that’s around the same price of cloth. Silicone, plastic and vinyl are usually available with full colors customization options unless you are planning on running a high volume run factory direct. 

5. Appearance. 

Woven cloth wristbands do not have the same graphic design resolutions as the heat sublimation cloth wristbands or Full color Tyvek wristbands, but they do have a special look that appears a lot like an embroidered piece of clothing. The designs are carefully woven into the material and they look insanely expensive but the cost of woven cloth wristbands is actually the same for the full color printed ones, but some people feel like they look more expensive. Depending on the look and feel of your event/brand, there’s other wristband options you could try. 


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