Make a Statement With This Iconic Accessory Staple

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Fashion by its very definition is chock full of statements that more often than not require some explanation while others reign supreme in their very presence as the “it” form of design. What is stylish and trendy can go hand in hand, are sometimes interchangeable, or on their own merit remain in a constant state of evolution. This is very apparent with accessories, in this case handbags as the fashion staple of precedence. In steps the Clutch bag and like the fashion icon that it is takes center stage. The clutch style of bag is the embodiment of prestige, trend setting, and personal flair on display. This purse carried proudly in the hand commands attention especially that of Chanel, with styles options such as the Timeless, Mademoiselle Leather, cloth clutch and more. Ones style can change with the addition of any one of these options or the as an investment to one’s personal collection. 

Time Tested and Worthy

The name Chanel is time tested and worthy of being a tried and true representative of personality and statement. Also as a testament to its worth is in the fact of any ofr these purses being an asset that continues to gain value as the years go on. It is also considered by many as the most famous and coveted of all time, historical in its conception, and in the mark it has made on the fashion industry season after season. Throughout the ages the most stylish personalities of every era, culture, financial status has chosen some Chanel clutch bags as a must have. 

Creativity by Coco

This style of bag was created by the famous design house in 1955, and was a trend setter even then. It was the first purse to have a strap included and was considered rebellious and off putting to some but provided options for the wearer with hands free freedom. The simplistic yet classic design created by Coco Chanel has some funky, unique and even outrageous choices that fit every taste. Also the attention to detail and quality have withstood the test of wear and time and will continue to meet that standard as long as fashion and style exist. There is a sense of legacy that emanates from a Chanel clutch that is passed on from fashionista to fashionista. Tested in the manufacturer stage it is the epitome of quality beyond the regular withstanding stress from water and heat to still remain a work of art with top notch durability. The Chanel bag will in most cases last a lifetime being part of many fashion memories and style moments that can be passed on to the next generation of style influencers.

A Reflection Of 

What kind of person you are can be determined by the style bag you carry. As a reflection or the story one wants to convey is told through the bags and Chanel is a great story teller. Unique bags sometimes flop in the fashion world but that does not seem to apply to Chanel. In 2013 the design house created a Lego style plastic Chanel clutch that spoke to the love of childhood and the unconventional dynamic of plastic versus leather craftsmanship. It blended the worlds of high fashion and unconventional innovation. It is not difficult to surmise that this type of bag and others like it are an investment that will bring style returns and financial ones. So next time the outfit is on and the finishing touch accessory is the final decision to make think of the iconic, time tested and grab that very special purse.



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